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The award winning Virtual Byron has been online since July 2001 Currently receiving more than
1,200 unique visitors every day Virtual Byron is a great opportunity for local businesses looking to reach affluent internet users .

Virtual Byron is a regional tourism website developed and maintained by local company Nextwave Media. Nextwave Media is an innovative Australian website publishing company. For more info click here .

Advertising in the Virtual Byron Directory

We offer
Sponsored Link advertising opportunities within each page of the directory on Virtual Byron, and we have a number of upcoming advertising opportunities on the front page including Site Focus.

Google Ads also run across Virtual Byron. More info on Google Ads can be found here.

'Banner' advertising is available on a either CPC or CPM basis. CPC means you pay each time a visitor clicks your banner. CPM means you pay a flat rate per 1000 exposures of your banner regardless of how many people click it. Banners should be 460 x 60 pixels. Real time online reporting is available to all banner advertisers.

'Sponsored link' advertising is available on a residency basis. You pay a single flat rate per month to have your site listed as the sponsored link within a category. Real Time online reporting is currently available for 'sponsored link' advertising.

'Site Focus' Advertising will be available' on a residency basis. You pay a single flat rate per month to have your site listed with a screenshot as one of just two Site Focuses on the front page. Real Time online reporting will be available for 'Site Focus' advertising.

Banner Ad Creation
You'll need to supply us with a 468 x 60 gif. This can be animated and should be no larger than 16k in size. If you would like us to create the banners for your ads we would be happy to do so.

Advertising Costs
We charge as little as $200 per year, $10 CPM and $0.80 CPC. Our ad sales representative will be able to provide you with specific pricing dependent on your requirements. Please note that we have a minimum spend requirement of $200. ALL prices are subject to 10% GST.

info @ with details of which category(s) you'd like to advertise in and whether you're interested in banner or sponsored link advertising. Our ad sales representative will send you more info.


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